About us: Prime Foods Limited

With the aim of becoming a leader in food exporting business, Prime Foods Limited strategically began producing and exporting Canned Foods. We are a modern company with clear and defined objectives about the future. Our experience in the Commodities field within the World market has consolidated itself quantitatively and qualitatively. With this in mind together with a very strong certainty of the predominant role we play, with all the inherent social responsibility, and the management of overall quality as our single purpose, Prime Foods Limited. is born. Prime Foods Limited. offers its Employees, Partners and Clients the security of a company that earned its place in the World market through action guided by ethical conduct and quality excellence in its products and services, which led to the present Allocation/Buying of all the products that we offer to our Clients.

Prime Foods Limited.
Now we are one of the most active and innovative exporters in Thailand who proudly present variety of high quality Canned Foods. And, with its quality and convenience, we are very confident with the globally positive response and are able to strongly establish an excellent reputation.

What makes Prime Foods Limited better than other competitors?

Prime foods has enthusiastically been involved in exporting an extensive range of foods and beverages around the world. With years of experience in international trade, Prime Foods limited provides the finest quality of foods at very competitive prices.